How high is Mount Aragats?
Aragats have four summits: North 4090 m/13419 ft, West 3995 m/13107 ft, East 3908 m/12822 ft and South 3879 m//12727 ft.

What’s the emergency number in Armenia?

What is the latitude and longitude (GPS Coordinates) of Aragats Cosmic Ray Research Station?

When is the best time to ski?
All winter and spring, but the following two periods seem to be best: December to February – stable weather but very cold. From April on – warmer, and the snow line generally still reaches to the base of the peak. March seems to bring lots of precipitation

When is the best time for Hiking?
Summer months July until September; snow might cover the summit regions almost all year around.

What does Aragats means?
Aragats comes from Ara + gah which means the crown of the god Ara.

What’s time is it in Armenia?
The Time Zone is UTC +4.